BEAUTIFUL VINTAGE "GOTTA" HOLLOW GROUND STRAIGHT RAZOR in white faux ivory scales with inlayed GOTTA logo. This is a lovely little razor showing no signs of wear or use. The tang is marked '120 GOTTA' and a other side marked 'FINEST SILVER STEEL MADE & HOLLOW GROUND IN GERMANY' The blade is engraved with 'HAMBURG RING GOTTA'. The blade has been cleaned, polished & honed ( see below ) It has been sterilized and then coated with Fredricssons Razor Oil. 


Comes in its original box.


Fully restored and shave ready and comes with a "Certificate of Workmanship"


Gotta 120 Hollow ground 3/8" Straight Razor

  • I use the following process for all my razor restorations after the blade has been polished & buffed.

    • 1st hone 250 grit  Japanese Kingstone ( bevel setting)
    • 1st hone 800 grit Japanese Kingstone
    • 2nd hone 1200 grit Japanese kingstone
    • 3rd hone 6,000 grit Japanese Kingstone
    • 4th hone 12,000 grit Welsh Dragons Tongue Slate
    • 5th strop Balsa strop - Green paste ( Chrome Oxide )
    • 6th strop Leather strop - Yellow paste