Honing Service


I now offer a re sharpening and honing service for all my customers so if you have an old razor you fancy having a go with or just need to have your existing razor sharpened up a I can do it for you. I have treid to give a liitle info  below on what can & cannot be done.


Can My Grandads Old Razor Be Brought Back Into Service?

The answer is normally yes, as long as it is kept dry it will last indefinitely, even 40 or 50 year old razors can be quite servicable again once resharpened. 


My Service:-

I provide a honing and stropping service to restore dulled edges to be “shave-ready”. Not all old razors can be restored, edges should be free from flats, chips or ‘dings’.  Before I start any work I will contact you with an estimate of cost before any work is carried out. If you are unsure if a razor can be restored please drop me an email, with pictures if possible, so I can give you some feedback beore you comit to anything.


I use the following process for all my razor restorations after the blade has been polished & buffed.


  • 1st hone 250 grit  Japanese Kingstone ( bevel setting)

  • 1st hone 800 grit Japanese Kingstone

  • 2nd hone 1200 grit Japanese kingstone

  • 3rd hone 6,000 grit Japanese Kingstone

  • 4th hone 12,000 grit Welsh Dragons Tongue Slate

  • 5th strop Balsa strop - Green paste ( Chrome Oxide )

  • 6th strop Leather strop - Yellow paste


Before your razor is returned to you it will be shave tested, disinfected, stropped and lightly oiled.


Razors I Do Not Accept?

Most cheap new razors originating in Pakistan, China and Taiwan, are unlikely to take, or retain, a decent shaving edge. Please check with me before sending if in doubt. I do not accept the following brands:

Ninja, Imperial, Artamis, Creative Edge, Sanguine, Empire UK, Haryali, Cyril Salter, MenRock, Razzoor, “Sweeney Todd” copies and fake ‘Damascus’ steel razors.


How Long Will It Take?

Usually about a week from receipt for a straightforward hone / sharpen. in busy periods or if more work is required I will always email with an estimate of timescale.


How Much Will It Cost ?

I charge £30 for a straightforward sharpen & hone, this includes a blade & scale clean but does not cover any restoration work, polishing etc. As a guide a full blade polish, scale clean, sharpen & hone costs around £35 to £50 depending on condition of razor & work required ( see notes above ).


Please note: I offer £5.00 discount for all customers who origonally bought their razors from me.


How Should I Send It ?

Please wrap your razor well & include a note of your name, address and e-mail address and send the razor to us at the address below. Please note the razor is at your risk until it is received so I would advise using an appropriate postal service with regard to its value. I will return it well packed using the appropriate postal service.



You can buy the sharpening service by clicking the Paypal button or selecting

it in the store under " straight razors"