VINTAGE "KROPP" HOLLOW GROUND STRAIGHT RAZOR. A lovely vintage cut throat razor, good handle, all pins good and very clean, no chips or cracks. There are some light watermarks on the non engraved side of the blade and typically some discolouration around the pivot due to age. The blade edge has no chips or cracks. The blade measures approx 18mm across. It appears the razor has had little or very light use. This razor was made in Sheffield for Robert Kelly & Sons of Liverpool who were stockists of engineering tools & cutlery. The blade has been cleaned, polished & honed then sterilized and coated with Fredricssons Razor Oil


Fully restored and shave ready ( see note below )





KROPP " Robert Kelly & Sons 5/8" Hollow Ground Razor

  • I use the following process for all my razor restorations after the blade has been polished & buffed.

    • 1st hone 250 grit  Japanese Kingstone ( bevel setting)
    • 1st hone 800 grit Japanese Kingstone
    • 2nd hone 1200 grit Japanese kingstone
    • 3rd hone 6,000 grit Japanese Kingstone
    • 4th hone 12,000 grit Welsh Dragons Tongue Slate
    • 5th strop Balsa strop - Green paste ( Chrome Oxide )
    • 6th strop Leather strop - Yellow paste