BEAUTIFUL VINTAGE "KINGS CROWN, GERMANY" STRAIGHT RAZOR IN CUSTOM MADE SCALES. 5/8" Extra Hollow Ground blade with custom made Acrylic Kirinite " Patriot" Scales.This razor has been fully restored & resharpened and then fitted with a set of handmade scales from a beautiful Kirinite design called Patriot ( Red, White & blue ) . The scales are made using the origional scales as a pattern so they are an exact replica of the originals, it has been fitted with new pins & bushes.Supplied in black presentation box.The blade has the inscription Kings Crown Razor, Extra Hollow Ground on the blade. Kings Crown were a well know German razor manufacturer founded in 1774 by the Weyersberg family & the company still continues making razors today. It has been sterilized and then coated with Fredricssons Razor Oil. Fully restored and shave ready ( see note below ).

Vintage "KINGS CROWN 5/8" Restored Straight Razor in custom Scales

  • I use the following process for all my razor restorations after the blade has been polished & buffed.

    • 1st hone 250 grit  Japanese Kingstone ( bevel setting)
    • 1st hone 800 grit Japanese Kingstone
    • 2nd hone 1200 grit Japanese kingstone
    • 3rd hone 6,000 grit Japanese Kingstone
    • 4th hone 12,000 grit Welsh Dragons Tongue Slate
    • 5th strop Balsa strop - Green paste ( Chrome Oxide )
    • 6th strop Leather strop - Yellow paste